Adv. Divya R. (She/Her)

Trainer & External Member,
Chief Quality Officer (Social Media),
Specializing in POSH

Divya R graduated with a State rank in B.A. LL.B. from CMR Law School, Karnataka State Law University. She went on to attain the University rank in her LL.M. specializing in Corporate & Commercial Laws from Christ (Deemed to be) University.

Currently, Divya is pursuing her Ph.D. at Christ (Deemed to be) University, focusing on the specialization in anti-sexual harassment laws.

Drawing from her experience as an advocate, she boasts a remarkable track record in corporate and commercial litigation, successfully handling 300+ cases. Moreover, she holds expertise in women’s safety and anti-sexual harassment laws, contributing over 4 years of invaluable professional experience to her practice.

As a POSH Advisor, she has assisted several organizations in complying with workplace anti-sexual harassment laws.

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Passionate about the intricacies of the law, she immerses herself in legal knowledge with insatiable curiosity. A dedicated learner, she thrives on unravelling the complexities of the legal world to foster a deeper understanding. A legal enthusiast with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Core Skills: Policy Writing, Legal Advice, Complaint Management & Related Drafting, People Focused Training, Culture Audit and Drafting Customised Strategies, Workflows and Standard Operating Procedures for smooth compliance.

Primary and Allied Laws she refers to: POSH Act, POCSO Act, Transgender Persons Act, HIV AIDS Act, Persons with Disabilities Act, Maternity Benefit Act, Mental Healthcare Act, Indian Penal Code & related laws, IT Act, Immoral Traffick Prevention Act, Service Rules (based on org type), UGC & AICTE Guidelines, SC & HC Guidelines

Trends Experienced with Complaints: Divya has collaborated with organizations in IT and Manufacturing, with employees ranging from thousands to 3L+ aged 18 to 60. Handling over 50 complaints, she has observed a trend with a majority filed by women against current or former employees. Most complaints are in written form to the Internal Committee, where guilt is proven in the majority, while a few remain inconclusive or result in false allegations. Notably, none of the prepared reports have been overturned by any Court of Law.

Trends Experienced around Training Programs: Staying abreast of global trends and legal changes, Divya integrates them into her People Focused Training Programs. Individual contributors often inquire about the intentions, consequences of harassment, and confidentiality, while managers express concerns about their roles in handling team issues. Internal Committee members focus on their responsibilities, liabilities, and ensuring accurate decision-making.

Testimonials from clients

Mohammed Shafi

Human Resources, Kalki Tech

Divya is a highly skilled and effective POSH Advisor and External Committee Member. She has been instrumental in our company’s efforts to create a safe and respectful workplace environment.

Divya possesses extensive knowledge of POSH regulations and best practices, and she has consistently demonstrated her ability to effectively communicate the principles to diverse audiences. She educates internal committee members by providing real-life scenarios and ensuring that all attendees grasp the importance of preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

In addition to her expertise, Divya brings a professional and empathetic approach to sensitive topics, fostering open dialogue and creating a supportive learning environment. Her advisory sessions are consistently well-received.

She has been proactive in organizing quarterly meetings and documenting the same.

I have no doubt that Divya would be a valuable asset to your company’s efforts to promote a culture of respect and inclusion. She has my highest recommendation, and I am confident that she will deliver outstanding results.

Sapna Bulchandani

Wellness Manager, Spectraforce

Divya R The session was an eye-opener. You have driven it so beautifully and I am speaking on behalf of everyone present yesterday. We all felt like a profiler trying to solve and crack codes with our thinking hats. Thank you so much for creating such an interactive session while sharing the subject matter and moulding us in thinking differently.


HR Business Partner, Blend Labs

I had the opportunity to partner with Divya during her collaboration with Blend Labs. She is an amazing person inside and out, always willing to help. She demonstrated a great command of subject knowledge, and her dedication is highly commendable. Always open to taking feedback, she not only guides professionally but personally as well. She is definitely a go-to person to seek suggestions to legal and other issues.


Human Resources, One Diversified

I don’t really remember when was the last time I attended such an awesome session! Hats off to your team.. Divya is amazing…!