RESPEKT’ is a Greek word which manifests itself in English diction as ‘Respect’— a word commonly used to express to someone that they’re valued and held in high regard.

It’s existence obligates one to recognize the inherent worth, dignity and rights of an individual or any entity and ensures courteous, considerate and fair treatment towards them.

Respect often takes tangible form through acts of compassion and decency, such as listening attentively, valuing the opinions of others, being polite, showing empathy and respecting boundaries.

At The Legal Swan, we believe that Respect is the key to healthy relationships (personal or professional), effective communications, and harmonious coexistence in society.

Mission & Vision

With that in mind, the Vision and Mission of ‘Respekt’ is to provide 360 degrees solutions for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belongingness to All.

For us, Respekt‘ for the LGBTQA+ Community means acknowledging everyone’s gender and sexual identity, affirming one’s right to self-identity, exercising zero tolerance for harassment & discrimination, and treating others with dignity and equality.

For us, Respekt’ for Persons with Disabilities stands for the mission of creating an accessible and inclusive environment that recognizes their dignity and is devoid of social stereotyping and stigma attached to them.

For us, Respekt‘ for Children means treating them as individuals with their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions. It includes recognizing their dignity and affirming their worth by practising active listening, empathy and understanding, providing support and being a positive role model for them.