Maitreyi More

Digital Dreamweaver

Maitreyi More, a photographer and visual artist, hails from a family of artists, fostering a deep appreciation for the arts from an early age. Trained in Bharatanatyam and currently pursuing Kathak, she holds a degree in Advertising from Mumbai University.

Recognized by esteemed institutions such as the Bombay Art Society, her creations have been featured in renowned magazines and art galleries across India, including The Jehangir Art Gallery. Additionally, her work has found international acclaim with exhibitions in prominent galleries in Rome, Venice, and London.

Since 2015, Maitreyi has been freelancing as a photographer and visual artist, demonstrating her creative prowess even during her college years. Her portfolio boasts collaborations with notable personalities such as Virat Kohli. Among her clientele are reputable brands like Adidas Originals, Safari Bags, Redmi and many more.

Maitreyi remains open to seizing significant opportunities that come her way, exemplifying her commitment to continuous growth and excellence in the dynamic world of art and design.