Adv. Shivangi Prasad (She/Her)

Director, The Legal Swan & Founder, POSH at Work, Author & Corporate Lawyer

Shivangi holds a B.L.S.LL.B. Degree from Government Law College, Mumbai. She is an advocate, specializing in laws related to sexual harassment, gender and child rights with over 10+ years of experience. She is the Founder of POSH at Work. POSH at Work is empanelled by Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India since February, 2017. She is also a part of WICCI (President of Anti-Sexual Harassment Council, Maharashtra) and G100 (Advisory Country Chair, India of Child Care & Protection Wing). She is very passionate about laws related to LGBTQIA+ community as well. She is an Ally and has the goal to create a more inclusive space for the community. She also assists organizations in implementing various kinds of policies such as the anti-sexual harassment policy, dating disclosure policy, policy for protection of children from sexual offenses, equal opportunity policy for transgender persons and persons with disability, employment equity policy, transition policy, caregiver policy etc.
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She is also a part of WICCI and G100. She has co-authored a book titled ‘Handbook on the Law of Sexual Harassment,’ both editions published by Thomson Reuters. Also authored book titled ‘Handbook on the Law for Protection of Rights of Transgender Persons’ published by Thomson Reuters. She has written 200+ articles / notes / opinions some of which have been reported by Business Standard, Huffington Post etc. She has also been quoted by leading newspapers like Economic Times, Livemint and Business Standard.

Books Written

Handbook on the Law of Sexual Harassment at Workplace (2nd Edition)

Mr. Bharat Vasani

Forward by, Senior Legal Practitioner and Senior Partner with a Leading Indian Law Firm.

What is this about? Since the publication of the first edition, there has been significant developments in this field, in India as well as globally. In this edition we have enlarged the coverage of the topic by including a chapter on the Central Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules, 1965, which apply to all government servants. For ease of reference of readers, schematic representations have been provided for the inquiry processes. We have also included a section on Frequently Asked Questions covering all aspects of the law and which, we trust, will be helpful to readers for quick reference. Laudably, the Indian Judiciary has been very active and has contributed hugely in interpretation of the new statute through plethora of judgments. We have curated the most relevant judgments in this area of law and discussed the implications and learnings from them.
Handbook on the Law for Protection of Rights of Transgender Persons

A. K. Sikri

Foreword from Retired Justice A. K. Sikri. Also passed landmark NALSA decision.

Abhina Aher

Foreword from, Transgender Rights Activist, Founder, Dancing Queens (Trans-led dancing troupe), Founder Member, Tweet Foundation, Technical Expert at iTECH IN

What is this about? The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019, came into effect on 5 December 2019 and the Rules on 25 September 2020. The Law provides for the obligations of government, family, educational institutions and employers. Through various Indian as well as global case laws and other literature, the Handbook on the Law for Protection of Rights of Transgender Persons discusses the rights of transgender children and adults, and duties to provide inclusive education and equal opportunities in employment without discrimination, bias, harassment and bullying. It also covers aspects on creation of awareness and redressal of grievances. This handbook is not only a legal commentary analysing sections but also a practical guide for all stakeholders. Accordingly, it has a sample each of Equal Opportunity Policy, Employment Equity Policy, Transition Policy and Plan, and Grievance Redressal Policy, and dos and don’ts and tips for Complaint Officers.

Interviews & Panel Discussions Conducted​

Panel Discussion for Economic Times Edge (ET Edge) with Swati Maliwal, Chairperson, Delhi Commission for Women and Noted Social Activist and Seema Kushwaha, Advocate, Supreme Court of India (Delhi Nirbhaya Case & Hathras Case).
Discussion with Jaya Singh Panda, Chief Diversity Officer, Tata Steel, Neha Sathish, D&I and CSR Lead at Thomson Reuters, India and Jyothi Sivaramakrishnan, Head of People Service Delivery, India, London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) on India Inc & LGBTQIA+ Inclusion at Workplace.
Discussion with Juan Pablo from UNESCO on gender equality on aspects such as What are some of the key initiatives/steps being taken by UNESCO to achieve gender equality? And Different genders may have different needs which may be the result of various factors. In this respect, how do you see ‘Equality’ & ‘Equity’?
Discussion with Celia Sandhya Daniels on Gender. Celia is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, D&I champion, Blogger, Composer, Musician, Photographer and a Filmmaker. She currently resides in Southern California with her family. She is an Asian Indian who identifies as Gender Fluid and expresses as a Non-op trans women of color.

Online Sessions Conducted​

Covered information such as Understanding terms such as Sexual Harassment, Employee, Workplace etc. and what may lead to sexual harassment, Internal Committee’s Composition, Removal, Timelines under law and Compliance requirements under law.
Session at CINTAA (Cine and TV Artistes’ Association) for awareness on POSH.
Why is POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) policy important for companies.
Session with Manupatra on the Law against sexual harassment at workplace.

WICCI Initiatives

Panel Discussion on Sexual Harassment Law & Practice: Learnings from Different Jurisdictions. Speakers were from New York, Australia and Singapore.
Panel Discussion on POSH Law & Applicability to Students. This was moderated by Student Members of WICCI, ASH Council.
A chat with UP WICCI Anti-Sexual Harassment Council to discuss awareness around POSH in the corporate sector in UP, Role of Government, Status of Street Harassment and Violence and Inclusion of trans children & scope of POCSO.
Panel Discussion on Compliance of POSH Law moderated by Renuka Mukadam & Sejal Pawar (part of WICCI). Speakers were Preet Kushalappa Kodira (Senior Principal – HR Employee Relations at Infosys Ltd) and Linet D’Souza (Director Membership at legato Health technologies LLP).