Adv. Soham Sen (He/Him)

Legal Associate, Respekt
Cisgender Hetrosexual Ally
Specialising in POSH

Soham Sen is a dedicated advocate-in-training, whose commitment to the legal field extends beyond professional excellence. With a stellar academic record, a background in esteemed institutions, and a trailblazing journey in law, Soham’s passion for justice is evident. He has excelled academically, and have also made significant strides in creating an inclusive and meaningful space for the LGBTQIA community.

Soham, as part of the LGBTQIA+ community themselves, has chosen to work in that space to further his vision. His contributions to this mission include tasks such as:

Looking ahead, he is eager to take on new challenges such as:

debunking myths and stereotypes surrounding LGBTQIA individuals in the workplace and advocating for leadership positions for members of the LGBTQIA, Persons with Disabilities, and AIDS communities.

Soham’s dedication to both legal prowess and creating a more inclusive society demonstrates a remarkable commitment to driving positive change on multiple fronts.